Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Everybody, Welcome Alexi Accessories!

There is nothing I find more challenging in the shopping world than trying to find jewellery that I am happy to wear and willingly spend the money on. Whilst I will always volunteer to waste hours roaming the wide web and make perfect baskets of clothes and shoes that I would snap up in an instant, my attention always becomes particularly thin when trying to do the same with jewellery.

Now, I want to make it clear that this does not mean I do not like jewellery, just that I do not trust my initial instincts to commit to buying any! 

However, all of this changed when I came across the brand spanking new brand Alexi Accessories! Not only do I wish there was a way I could "illegally download" every piece on the site, I feel happy to have found a brand of jewellery that is timeless, feminine and edgy all in one beautiful bundle.

A little about the brand: Alexi Accessories

Alexi Accessories are a British-based jewellery company that offers pieces that are inspired by the simplistically that nature has to offer with a strong romantic feel. Each piece of jewellery is as delicate and feminine as the brand's name itself. 

The brand so far has two main collections: the Signature Collection and the Brooke Collection. You can expect what you think form the Signature Collection - classic styles that ooze a sense of elegance that will instantly bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn. The Brooke Collection carries the strong nature inspired element of the brand; taken from the site itself Alexi describes it [Brooke] as being "influenced by the essential elements of life; sweet silver streams gently gushing over rocks, dappled sunlight on a spring morning, pearly raindrops gently falling on a soft summer's day."

The price for all of the jewellery range between £15 - £75; this is perfect for any occasion that you may be buying; whether it be a small and delicate treat for a loved one to make them feel special or if you really want to splash out on a major treat for you once pay day arrives. 

You can get a direct link to the site by click on the "ALEXI" badge to the right of the page!
Now that is enough of me talking - go and feast your eyes upon the beauty itself.. go on, GO!