Friday, 13 June 2014

Festival Fashion: Wishlist

As the sunshine begins to immerse through the 'all to well-known' grey clouds we see each year, it ignites a great positive energy in oneself and the feeling of motivation. And the confidence to post my first blog post!

Not only does the sunshine makes us all happy chappy's, it allows my all time favourite fashion trend become acceptable to wear... FESTIVAL FASHION! Whilst some people may think of festival's as being thousands of unwashed, drunk people queuing to go to an overflowing port-a-loo whilst loud music is being played - they would not be half wrong. However, with this minor negative, I have never been in a place that has had such a buzzing community spirit and just all round love between everybody. With this uber-loving vibe, it is a great way to 'wear the mood' and hippie-loving eccentric clothes that has an experimental element to your 'drobe. Below, I have listed just a few of the clothes I will be lusting after this summer that will be perfect for either festivals or a holiday. Also, as an aspiring blogger, I find inspiration in those currently in the industry; I have listed the links to some of the best bloggers I have seen tackling the festival trend!

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback over what people want to read.


Love from LittleMollyDolly.X

Deimante Floral Bralet - Missguided - £14.99

Missguided have for sure delivered this season and they are vastly becoming a well-grounded brand and losing their cheap image they had just over a year ago. They have released a collection of untimely designed bralets this year and all that I would snap up in an instant. This is my personal favourite on the site with the deep v neckline, that allows one to keep their dignity in tack without the puppies falling out! As I like to have my cake and eat it, I would wear either a high waisted skater skirt (as seen above) or even jeans if I wanted a more casual look. A floral crown would tip this look as the ultimate festival fairy queen!

Transparent Rain Coat - Forever 21 - £16.99

If you have waited until the last night of the festival to showcase your best outfit that promotes all your assets and shock, the rain begins to pour and you have to cover it up with an ugly coat. if this sounds familiar then this rain coat should be on your necessities! Whilst this may split reviews over whether it looks good or not, I am in favour of the rain coat and I am planning to wear this to T in the Park! If you're going to be wearing a rain coat, then you must be wearing your wellingtons to match for the Padding Bear meets LFW look. 

Kerstin Dress - Monki - £25

Festival fashion is all about looking and feeling relaxed. There is not one dress featured on Monki that I would not wear to a festival or even abroad. This Kerstin dress is perfect for representing a releaxed feel to your clothing but adding that edge of coolness to the 'tied' jumper around the waist. I was scared to try this dress as I thought it would do nothing for my figure however tightening up the 'waist band' has allowed me to accentuate my waist and look good on my body.

Original Gloss - Hunter - £60 (Reduced from £89)

You cannot do a feature on festivals and not talk about wellies! As anyone within a 100 mile-radius of the UK will know that the British are known for their wash out summers, so wellies are important if you don't want to catch an acute case trench foot. However, I think the wellington is an understated piece of footwear and even if the sun is shining this year, I will be wearing my Hunter's as a mark of respect to the rain pour that we should have!

White Embellished Fringed Bag - River Island - £60

I would never usually dream of spending this much money on a bag for a festival however, when it looks like this - my purse cannot say no. This bag embodies the festival vibe and with vibrant colours with the 'tassels of the Western' this bag would look good across any body. 

Fringed Leather Jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop - £190

Now, I know that this is WAY out of my price range but... speechless. I have been so impressed with the new Kate Moss collection for Topshop and I am so glad that she has made another collection. For me, this is one of my favourite pieces. The soft leather material gives this sublime metallic glow in the light and with the lapels on the jacket slowing transitioning into the tassels has been perfectly cut. I would style this with a crochet cami to add to a different texture, with a pair of cut off denim LEVI shorts in black and to top it off with the ultimate Western look: a pair of tan leather cowboy boots. 

If I could have a shopping spree, right here right now, this would be my first pick. Well done Moss. 


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