Monday, 16 June 2014

Naked 3 & 2 Palette for £5.23!

It is a girl's dream, wish and hope to own the most prestige products that are on the market (whether that is make up, moisturiser or clothing); however when we look a the price tags of certain products it is a smack across the face with our £1.99 blusher brush, that brings us back down to reality and makes us realise that our purses cannot stretch to the budget we desire. Even though we cannot always afford the best brands, this does not mean we are not allowed to settle for a dupe. May I behold to you the best possible dupe for the most talked about palette on the market: the Urban Decay Naked Palette's!

I have never been one to wear eye shadow as previous disasters have left me resembling more of a Blackpool Drag Queen as opposed to the Kim Kardashian look I tried to reciprocate. With that being said, the Naked palette made me excited about colouring my eyes again! After placing the item in my basket online, I got my debit card out until I saw the total... £37! After a mini-heart attack over how much I was about to spend on eye shadow, I decided to try and find my best bargain I could and voila! I found a dupe for £5.23!

The colours on the dupe are near to exactly the same as the original and when I have worn them on a night out, they have lasted me all night looking just the same as when I first did them! The palettes did come with a brush that has a dual end: one brush that is used to apply the colour on the lid and another end that blends the colours used to make the overall look more 3-dimensional. 

NAKED 3 Palette below:

click here for NAKED 3 palette

NAKED 2 Palette below:

click here for NAKED 2 palette
Search on Pinterest for the best "how-to" guides of the colours!
My personal favourite palette is the Naked 3 - purely because I am in love with the rose gold and metallic tones throughout; they definitely work better with my skin colour and the summer season! However, if you are after a more smokey eye, then the Naked 2 palette is better for that. Once Winter begins to set in, I am sure I will use the 2 palette a lot more as the earthy tones will make my eyes pop!

With free shipping, the palettes were brought and delivered to my house within 5 working days. I wish to still own the actual Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, but until I am given a generous pay rise, I am more than happy to stick with the dupes!

Thanks for reading!